The Circle City Corvette Club was created in the summer of 1978 by a group of Corvette enthusiast in the Dothan Alabama area. The objective of the club was to bring Corvette owners in the area together to enjoy the car and its heritage. Monthly meetings were held at Solomon Motor Company. Activities of the club included participating in local car shows and parades.

In 1980 the meetings were moved to Northside Mall. The club hosted an indoor Mall show during the early 80s and then moved to Water World Theme Park in the late 80s.

In 1981, in search of another activity for the club, a trip to Panama City Beach was organized. Approximately 10 Corvettes made the trip.

During the 80s the club hosted several car shows, participated annually in the National Peanut Festival and the Azalea Trail Parade and made the trip to Panama City Beach. Monthly meetings were held at several locations including the Elks Lodge, Kings Inn, Presidents? homes and Popular Head. The tradition of a summer pool party and Christmas party was started.

The 90's started out with meetings moving to a private room at Tony's Italian Restaurant. The club was incorporated in 1993.

With the club supporting the National Corvette Museum and more than 100 Corvettes annually attending the Corvette Beach Caravan the club became well known across the southeast. A Corvette item auction was added to the caravan and this brought in special guests from the Corvette Assembly Plant and the National Corvette Museum. The proceeds from the auction are donated to the Museum.

The club was an annual co-sponsor of the "Vettes by the Shore" from 1995-2004. Every June 10-15 club members made the trip to Biloxi, MS for a great indoor show, raising money for a worthwhile charity and some R&R.

The 90s brought the C5 and a more comfortable ride and excitement. Club members started traveling in groups all over the country. Several trips were made to events at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green KY as well as Knoxville TN, Black Hills SD, Orlando FL, and Carlisle PA. The 90s ended with over 200 Corvettes attending the Beach Caravan in 1999.

Circle City Corvettes entered the 21st century with increasing membership, a club web site, and a caravan of over 300 Corvettes. National recognition was acknowledged in 2007 due to the success of the caravan and contributions made by the club to the National Corvette Museum. Circle City Corvettes was made an honorary business lifetime supporter of the Museum and in 2008 received recognition in the Winners Circle as one of the top Corvette club contributors in the country.

Circle City Corvettes continues to strive to promote and preserve the heritage of the Corvette while performing community service, contributing to charities, and providing enjoyable and rewarding activities for its members. In 2016 the Club purchased a fifth acre at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park from the money made at the 2016 Corvette Caravan auction. The Circle City Corvette Club has now purchased more acres at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park than any other club in the country.